Tuesday , March 31 2020

Erstwhile president Iskander Mirza’s wife passes away in London

London: Nahid Iskander Mirza, the erstwhile first lady of Pakistan, passed away in London on Friday, informed the Foreign Office.

Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal confirmed that Nahid Iskandar Mirza , who is a widow of former president Iskander Mirza had been ill since a while and passed away on Friday.

It should be noted that Nahid was Pakistan People’s Party supremo Zufliqar Ali Bhutto’s wife’s older cousin. “Nusrat Bhutto was 15 years younger than Nahid Mirza,” a book reads title, “From Plassey to Pakistan: The family history of Iskander Mirza,” written by Mirza’s son Humayun Mirza.

Nahid siknadar was the second wife of mirza. Before Sikandar she was married to a military attache at the Iranian embassy in Pakistan after his son died in a plane crash.

Historians held her in great regard, because they believe that she played a important role in ceding “Mirjaveh”, the crossing point between Iran and Pakistan boundary during the days of Iskandar Mirza “She is the one who introduced Iskander Mirza and Ayub Khan to Bhutto.”

Iskanadar Mirza was the first president of the country in 1956.

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