Tuesday , June 2 2020

Expired meat recovered from a restaurant in Karachi

Karachi: 80 Kg Expired meat  is recovered by Sindh Food Authority (SFA) on Tuesday from a city’s top restaurant’s “hidden store room”.

Karachi restaurants are being probed by Sindh Food Authority (SFA) and every day a new case shows up.

SFA has started raiding the restaurants after the two kids are died due to food poisoning.  Sindh Food Authority team raided a restaurant where 80 Kg of expired meat was found in the secret store room.

The strict actions were taken against it and the restaurant was immediately sealed.

Abrar Sheikh Director Sindh food authority stated that during the first raid it was asked from manager if there is a store room or any secret area. To which he blatantly denied.

Then we monitored the restaurant for some time and were informed that they ar moving things down and we raided and found out the hidden storage room.

Expired meat was recovered from there. Samples have been taken which will be sent to laboratory.

The packets of the meat had the expiry date mentioned of around four years ago and they were kept to feed people.

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