Monday , June 1 2020

Farooq sattar meets Afaq Ahmed after 27 years

Farooq Sattar

Dr Farooq Sattar, the aggrieved MQM-P leader, met Mohair Qaumi Movement’s chief Afaq Ahmed in Karachi on Tuesday night.

The meeting between the two leaders finally put aside old rivalry between the two factions ans after 27 years it finally came to end.

This meeting was not planned, completely coincidental says the media.

Two political leaders were on a separate visit to Malir Jinnah Square on Tuesday night where they met coincidentally.

They managed to face each other instead of escaping away. Warm greetings were exchanged and they also showed warmth in their behaviour.

Ahmad was Altaf Hussain’s very close friend curing 80s. However he had to leave MQM after he identified serious differences with his leader and made his own party from the major fraction.


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