Tuesday , June 2 2020

Federal Public Service Commission announces the results of CSS


Islamabad: The Federal Public Service Commission announces the results of the Central Superior Services (CSS) 2019, with a success rate of just 2.56 percent. According to the results released by the Federal Public Service Commission, 23,403 candidates had filled the form for the CSS 2019 exam, of which 14 thousand were eligible to participate.

All the reforms brought in to improve the results of the Written Examination Competition failed, as the number of successful candidates was 372, a rate of only 2.56%. Due to the extremely low proportion of successful candidates, the government decided to conduct the screening test before the CSS, the Prime Minister approved the test while the cabinet approved the final very soon.

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It is important to note that the candidates who are successful in CSS are directly assigned to the governing bodies in government agencies who work jointly with the bureaucracy. In the year 2016, 12,176 candidates appeared for CSS Examination, of which only 379 candidates were declared successful.  Back in 2017, 9301 candidates participated, out of which only 312 candidates were successful.


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