Thursday , June 4 2020

Flagship reference hearing against Nawaz

Islamabad: Flagship hearing case against deposed Prime Minister Nawaz Sahrif was resumed in accountability court on Wednesday An accountability court on Wednesday.

Arshad Malik, the Judge who is hearing Flagship and Al Azizia references against Elder Sharif.

The case has entered into a phase where testimonies and prosecution witness have all been presented and decision can be made in no time.

Wajid Zia, Panama JIT head has also completed his testimony. Court has stopped evidence in AL-Azizia reference case. During next phase, former premier will come and record his statement under section 342 of the criminal procedure code. Defense council and prosecution will afterwards argue to reach final decision.

Both the defence counsel and the prosecutors hope that Al-Azizia and flagship investment cases will be resolved before the deadline Nov 17.

On Recent hearing Danyal Aziz PML-N leader was asked to leave court room. It happened that when Danyal entered courtroom Nawaz was undergoing hearing and on seeing his leader he started shaking hand in the middle of the hearing.

Nawaz’s judge later excuse and explained that Danyal did not know that court hearing was going on.

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