Tuesday , March 31 2020

Fog continues to rule at Punjab motorways, visibility restricted

Lahore: Intense foggy conditions engulfed the plains of Punjab on Wednesday restricting visibility limit in province.

Motorway sections near Patoki, Habib Abad, Akhtar Abad, Renala and Okara have limited visibility range due to the heavy fog that has engulfed the areas, told the Motorway police statement.

The visibility at Sahiwal, Mian Channu, Cheechawatani, Khanewal motorway has also reduced to misty conditions, motorway police spokesman Syed Imran Ahmed informed. Multan-Khanewal motorway has been temporarily shut-down due to intense fog.

Basti Malook, Lodhran, Musafirkhana, Bahawalpur, Ahmedpur East, Rahim Yar Khan and Sadiq Abad in southern Punjab are surrounded by heavy fog, the spokesman said.

The visibility range is only limited to 20 meters, the motorway police is advising drivers to use fog lights on roads and avoid unnecessary travel extreme fog.

As Winter occurs the drivers on the motorway need to be more cautious because of the extreme fog, helpline is 130 to contact in case of any emergency.

The poor visibility, over-speeding, and a mix of industry and vehicle emission leads to accidents in the winter season of Punjab.

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