Tuesday , March 31 2020

Foreign Office welcomes Trump’s statement seeking ‘great relationship’

Islamabad: The Foreign Office (FO) welcomed the positive  stance by US President Donald Trump on Thursday who is seeking “great relationship” with the new Pakistani leadership.

“We welcome the positive development on the matter,” said Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal while responding to a question during his press briefing. “This indicates that the US president has distanced itself from his year old tweet rebuking Pakistan.”

Trump recently stated that he is looking forward to establish friendly relations with its long time ally Pakisatn and in this regard, US is ready to cooperate with the new leadership.

“A meeting with the new Pakistani leadership would be held soon,” Trump said.

It is important to know that it was Trump who directed US to cut off the aid of Pakistan last year. He justified this by saying that US was foolish to pay $33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years. And in return the government has received nothing but lies and deceit.

Trump went so far that he literally accused Pakistan for proving safe place to the terrorists and hid Osama Bin Laden all these years, until America found out and gunned down him.

In connection with the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s recent visit to Afghanistan, spokesperson said the foreign minister visited Afghanistan in accordance with Pakistan’s policy of maintaining a peaceful relationship with all the countries.”

The FO spokesperson stayed away from commenting the Kabhushan Jadev case and Kashmir’s situation.


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