Wednesday , May 27 2020

Four killed over Blasphemous post on Facebook in Bangladesh

At least four people were killed and nearly 50 injured on Sunday in clashes with police in Bangladesh over a Facebook post by a Hindu who allegedly defamed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), officials said.

The clashes in the southern district of Bhola, 195 km (120 miles) from the capital Dhaka, broke out when angry crowd protested against a Facebook post in which a Hindu reportedly made derogatory remarks about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Bangladesh Media Reports.

Bangladesh’s leading newspapers reported that around 100 people had been wounded and the death toll is expected to rise.

Instead of probing, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ordered to open fire on protesters, which made the situation more worse.

Sheikh Hasina

“I asked our countrymen to have patience. And those who want to fish in troubled waters, we will find them and take action against them.” Sheikh Hasina said in his speech.

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