Monday , June 1 2020

Four men arrested in police custody for allegedly killing five girls for ‘honour’ in Kohistan in 2012

Four suspects have been taken in police custody in Kohistan over honour killing of five girls in 2012. 

The girls were killed mercilessly in Palas area in 2012 while they clapped for a male dancer during a wedding ceremony. The suspects arrested are in police remand for eight days.

Supreme Court had ordered that FIR to be registered in June but it was registered in August. Police official Iftikhar Khan of Kolai-Palas district told that FIR is registered under the section 364 of Pakistan penal code.

He further said if the girls are not found the police will also put charged of section 302 according to the criminal code procedure against the suspects.

The suspects included brothers and fathers of the girls.  They are already arrested by the police officials and appeared before the judge.

They are interrogating about where the bodies are buried. The girls were killed after Jirga choose their fate.

The Supreme Court earlier directed to make sure that girls are in good health after this conflict. Some say that they have already been killed. While family says that they are in safe hands and have good health.

The session judge revealed that girls produced other three girls and portrayed them as the girls seen in video of that wedding.

The court ordered the suspects’ arrest after it was verified by NADRA that the girls shown by the families were not the ones in the video.

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