Tuesday , April 7 2020

Gas supply restores at Punjab’s fuel stations after two weeks

CNG stations in Punjab reopened on Friday morning after being shut down for two weeks.

Across the province, long line f cars were seen at the CNG gas stations. The price of the CNG is also reduced by Rs 5/kg.

Authorities told that LNG plane will arrive in Karachi toda and power plants will be supplied with LNG. The load shedding will also be reduced due to this.

Gas supply in the province had been stopped due to repairs at LNG stations.

In Multan, 40 CNG stations have opened so far and cars are queuing to get their gases filled.

In Sindh, gas supply is still not  improved. In the recent Sindh Assembly session on Thursday, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah mentioned that he will question federal government for not giving fair share to the Sindh province.


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