Monday , May 25 2020

Government to change CSS examination criteria???


Adviser to the Prime Minister on Institutional Reforms and Austerity Dr Ishrat Hussain on Thursday disclosed that Govt is going to make some changes for CSS examination.

He said draft policies on induction and recruitment, career progression and promotion and proposal for direct appointment of technical experts in BPS-20 and 21 in selected ministries had been submitted to the cabinet for approval, Dawn news reported.

He said that under a highly discriminatory system, those who qualify the Central Superior Services (CSS) examination at a young age become automatically entitled to a predictable career path, choice postings and fast-track promotions.

On the other hand, he added, the majority of those who are selected by the FPSC against non-cadre or cadre posts (specialists) do not have any clear progression path. He cited the example of the one who obtains a doctorate degree in agriculture.

The PM’s adviser said future placement and postings would be based on the criterion of nature of experience gained, expertise acquired, appraisal reports of the training institutes and dossiers of performance evaluation reports.

He said all posts in grades 19-21 in the federal secretariat should be filled through a competitive internal job vacancy system, which should be open to all officers in that grade. The minister, secretary of the division and establishment secretary would interview all the candidates, review their service record and select the candidate to fill in the vacancy.

He said it is proposed that 17 ministries should surrender a few posts in grades 19-21. These posts would then be advertised by the FPSC to select technical experts from the private sector, academia, overseas Pakistanis, etc.

The committee was told that 11,000 candidates appear for the CSS written examination for recruitment against 12 occupational groups. Dr Ishrat Hussain said a preliminary screening test should be held to bring the number of applicants to a manageable size, substantially curtail the exam time cycle and save on logistic costs.

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