Friday , April 10 2020

Grand Hyatt Tower: CJP slams CDA for allowing construction of residential apartments

Islamabad: The Supreme Court reprimanded the Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Wednesday for allowing construction of residential buildings on the land allotted for a luxurious hotel at the Constitution Avenue in Islamabad.


BNP Pvt Ltd was allotted a plot for a hotel in 2004; Grand Hyatt Tower was built that had various residential apartments, which were then sold to different buyers, including high-profile figures.

A three-judge bench led by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar heard the case.  In July 2016, Islamabad high Court cancelled the leasing of land  that was grated for Grand Hyatt Hotel over violations of building laws.

The IHC’s order about Grand Hyatt lease case was reversed and builder was directed to pay Rs 17.5 bn to CDA in eight years on equal annual installments.

Apex court declared IHC verdict null and ordered company to submit bank guarantee of every installment. CDA apprised the top court that federal cabinet will review this mater.

CJP also lashed CDA for not objecting over the violation of construction laws. Chairman CDA said that site must be auctioned again.

“The real difficulty will be faced by the residents of the blocks. For how much this place was auctioned in 2005?,” the CJP inquired.

CJP said the he doesn’t depend on CDA and the federal cabinet to decide the fate of Hyatt towers, if not decide the apex court will have to give verdict.

CDA official said that cabinet is due to decide and this matter will likely be taken into consideration in Thursday meeting.

“This does not matter as he has no more any relation with the case,” the CJP said.

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