Friday , January 24 2020

Hareem Shah’s Father breaks silence about Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah Father

Hareem Shah Father releases a short video on a youtube channel in which he talks about his daughter Hareem Shah.

In a short video, he expresses his grief over his daughter’s videos and said that he is sorry from his relatives, friends and all over the country.


We all made mistakes in the past, I once hurt my father’s feelings and this is the result of what is happening to me now”, he added.

“I apologize to all of them whose feelings were hurt by Hareen Shah, I apologize to all of them whom Hareem Shah alleged in her videos”, he added.

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“I admitted her to Pakistan renowned Islamic University, make her an Islamic Scholar, I do whatever I can do for her betterment. All those who were involved in her education and training are ashamed of her actions”, he added.

Hareem Shah’s father hoped that one day she will again become Fiza Hussain from Hareem Shah.

Famous TikTok star Hareem said in an interview revealed that her parents never gave her permission to make Tik Tok videos.

Hareem Shah, who has earned fame from the TikTok application has released recently a video of Federal Minister of Railway Sheikh Rasheed, she also released videos with many others Ministers and Political personalities.

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