Wednesday , November 20 2019

Health & Fitness

How Eating Vegetables keeps you fit and healthy?


A new study has found that the use of vegetables and pulses instead of meat and chicken is extremely important for mental health and also prevents aging and mental retardation. The research has been performed by Professor Koh Won Poe and his colleagues at the National University of Singapore with …

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Instant Noodles and Child Obesity: A burning Issue

Instant Noodles

During an Interview, Nutritionist Dr. Ayesha Abbas made it clear that excessive use of noodles can create an obesity problem in kids. Instant noodles are made from Maida (White Flour) that has not sufficient food nutrients. Moreover, one cup of instant noodles has 36 calories that are alarming. Apart from …

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The passion for watching movies can spoil your beauty: research

watching movies

As first wealth is health, Recent research has shown that watching movies can cause you to become old early and have wrinkles on your face due to expression changing. Related: Eating pizza at breakfast is better than eating cereal: American Research Experts say that human faces also change immediately while …

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Comsats has successfully tested artificial human skin: Raheel Qamar


Professor Raheel Qamar said that we have a successful experiment in artificial skin formation. Artificial skin is designed for those who suffer from burns. Related: Getting up early for school in the morning is health hazardous for children He told the Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology that artificial …

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Pineapple can cure cough due to presence of Bromelain in it


Pineapple is a fruit that tastes very good and that’s why everyone likes to eat it. Pineapple is found in the “antioxidants” that strengthen the immune system, while also being very good for the digestive system. It is beneficial for human’s health and fitness. Related: Eating pizza at breakfast is …

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