Tuesday , February 18 2020

Health & Fitness

9 foods that help to reduce high blood pressure

high blood pressure

Blood pressure, also called a silent killer, which slowly leads the body to various diseases, leading to death, especially in its victims, increases the risk of severe nerve damage to the artery. This can lead to paralysis like stroke while also increasing the risk of a heart attack. Diet is …

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An important cause of premature puberty in girls!

premature puberty

The use of painkillers by pregnant women during pregnancy can lead to the premature puberty of their daughters. This was revealed recently in a medical study in Denmark. Aarhus University research found that mothers who use painkillers during pregnancy may transfer symptoms of premature puberty in their daughters in the …

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Is keto diet safe for your health?

keto diet

Everyone does several things to lose weight and different diet plans are set up, but the diet plan that has gained the most popularity is ‘Keto Diet’. However, experts believe that such a drastic change in eating habits could have adverse effects on one’s health. The ‘Ketogenic diet’ contains low …

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‘Wazoo’ is most effective to get rid of ‘Coronavirus’


Professor Javed Akram, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Health and Science (UHS), has described Wazoo is an effective mean of getting rid of the mysterious ‘Coronavirus’. So far, no patient of coronavirus has been reported in Pakistan, but the government has taken protective measures in the face of potential concerns …

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140 new cases of the deadly virus register in China


A contagious virus that is causing pneumonia in Wuhan, a Chinese province, is now spreading to other areas.  The World Health Organization (WHO)has already issued a warning for its further spread. The virus has also been diagnosed in a patient in South Korea after Thailand and Japan. Thirty-five-year-old South Korean …

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Take care of your health with Gardening


When we think of the benefits of gardening, we tend to think of only the result of having a beautiful garden or eating our own fruits and vegetables or taking up our time. But in reality, the benefits of gardening are far from being reduced to these three benefits! Gardening …

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