Sunday , March 29 2020

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3 foods to boost your immune system to fight with coronavirus

foods to boost immune system

From homegrown teas to natively constructed probiotic nourishments, there are simply such a significant number of goodies that can invigorate your immune system to help battle sicknesses. Nowadays, nothing appears to be a higher priority than keeping up ideal diet and guaranteeing our immune system is as solid as it …

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Fact check: Could taking vitamin C cure or prevent Coronavirus?

vitamin C

As specialists around the world race to discover viable medications for the novel coronavirus, unwarranted clinical guidance for how to fix COVID-19 has spread quickly via web-based networking media. One such case has picked up footing on the web lately: that high portions of vitamin C could fix coronavirus diseases. …

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2 New Potential Symptoms of the Coronavirus Revealed

Symptoms of the Coronavirus

Medical experts have said that the loss of sensation of the smell can be a sign of the new Novel Coronavirus disease COVID-19. This claim was revealed in a UK study. Royal College of Surgeons of England research says that the sense of smell is already linked to viruses because …

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Masks and gloves increase the risk of coronavirus: Scientist


Paris: French medical and research experts have revealed that surgical masks and gloves do not protect anyone from the coronavirus, but can cause the virus to spread. French experts conducted studies to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic during which victims’ data and other research data were collected. Experts warn that …

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Hand Sanitizer is not good for your Health: Doctors

Hand Sanitizer

Dermatologists have warned the public that overuse of Hand Sanitizer can lead to skin diseases and respiratory diseases. Experts are urging the public to use Sanitizers with repeated washings hand with water and soap to prevent the Coronavirus, doctors have informed citizens that overuse of Sanitizers also causes irritation. Experts …

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9 foods that help to reduce high blood pressure

high blood pressure

Blood pressure, also called a silent killer, which slowly leads the body to various diseases, leading to death, especially in its victims, increases the risk of severe nerve damage to the artery. This can lead to paralysis like stroke while also increasing the risk of a heart attack. Diet is …

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An important cause of premature puberty in girls!

premature puberty

The use of painkillers by pregnant women during pregnancy can lead to the premature puberty of their daughters. This was revealed recently in a medical study in Denmark. Aarhus University research found that mothers who use painkillers during pregnancy may transfer symptoms of premature puberty in their daughters in the …

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