Sunday , March 29 2020

‘I feel we have a very good chance to win the World Cup’: Shoaib Malik

The experienced batsman Shoaib Malik has strong firm that Pakistani cricket Team has the potential to bring the World title home. During his interview with an international sports channel, he mentioned that Pakistan has a good occasion to win the World Cup.

“I feel we have a very good chance to win the tournament,” Malik expressed during interview. “But then having a ‘good chance’ doesn’t mean much, how we play each game and how we perform against the rest of the world will define how far we go, Yes, we have the ability to win the World Cup hands-down, but abilities don’t win you anything, performances do,” Malik told the news agency.

The 36-years-old and ambitious cricketer showed his desite to bag the 50-over quadrennial tournament as he has already showed his plans of retiring from 50-over cricket after the ICC World Cup 2019 in England and Wales.

The Sialkot born cricketer Said that since it will be his last World cup so he wants to make memorable performance, “My decision to retire is not necessarily connected to my fitness levels, though that is one of the inputs that I will take into account. The main point is that I want to be valuable to my country till the last game I play,” he expressed.

Malik has been a part of Pakistani Team when they had immensely huge cricketing moments, the World T20 title in 2009 and the ICC Champions Trophy crown in 2017.


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