Saturday , May 30 2020

Imran Khan lays foundation of women university in Sailkot

Sialkot: Imran Khan while talking to media after laying foundation of a women University in Sialkot said that education has important role to play. 

While addressing he said that more money should be spent on the improvement of education and this is how the nations progress.

He realized the need of modern education and how important it is to be given to all the children.

Imran khan said, this is the first ever university made for Women in Sailkot and no previous government made efforts to improve this sector.

He said it is the first ever university in Sialkot and lashed out former governments over avoiding education.

Imran Khan said that he took over a country at a time when it was in crisis and he pulling all he can do to bring things back to normal.

President Arif Alvi expressed his concerns over Pakistani universities not reaching a respectable ranking of over 500 top universities. He directed that education standards be improved and it is government’s top priority to elevate universities ranking.

While inaugurating 2nd International Symposium on November 4 in Karachi. President had stressed on the research in fields of food, medicine and plants.


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