Monday , March 30 2020

Imran Khan makes history, becomes first ever PM to address huge Pakistani community in a Middle Eastern State Stadium

DOHA – Imran khan makes history as he became the first ever Pakistani Prime Minister who addressed huge Pakistani community in a stadium in Doha

PM Khan while speaking to the Pakistani community at the Doha stadium said that he has a distant and strong relationship with the overseas nationals.

“The overseas Pakistanis have always given huge donations to the country. I respect them from the depth of my heart.”

The premier said that the overseas Pakistanis struggle to find employment but there will be a time when people won’t have to leave the country to find jobs abroad.

“I am waging a war against money launderers. Inshallah we will take the country out from the crisis,” he said, “today our country’s economy is dependent on the foreign remittances.”

PM said that had there been any other country which was looted as Pakistan, the country would have defaulted, adding that the country just need good leadership to address its all financial crisis.

“The foreign investor is reluctant to enter the Pakistani market due to corruption and complex tax system,” he said.

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