Wednesday , May 27 2020

Imran Khan Scheduled his 3rd visit to KSA


After the 1 day visit to Iran, PM decided to visit Saudi Arab. To lessen the tension between two Islamic Brotherly countries, this initiative of Imran Khan will be memorized in good words of History.

The main goal of the visit to KSA is to bring stability and peace in the region. Although tensions between these countries are always been high, yet agitation is at peak nowadays.

After the attack on Saudi Arab Oil Production, tensions between the two go above. Saudi Arab blamed Iran for the attack, however, Iran denies such types of claim.

Moreover, the grudging sanctions of the USA on Iran further escalate the relations between Saudi Arab and Iran.

Whatever the reasons are, peace is the need of the hour in the Middle East. The Middle-East is a natural resources-rich region in the world. If instability is created in the region then the world faces the consequences economically.

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