Monday , May 25 2020

In Pakistan of the 21st Century, Humans and Animals are forced to drink water from commonplace: Shahid After

ShaHid Afridi

During a function in Private University, Shahid Afridi delivered his speech.

Pakistan is gradually getting trapped in the quagmire of different problems. In Pakistan of the 21st century, humans and animals are forced to drink water from the same place.

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While criticizing the inadequate facilities in Sindh, Shahid says that ignorance is the actual fault of our society. More than 20 Million kids are out of school that is alarming.

I am always in try to throw the light on the importance of female education, Shahid Afirid says in his speech.

We can only be a developed nation if education becomes our first priority. Moreover, students should leave dreaming about abroad, live here and play their role to bring Pakistan out from the crisis.

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