Tuesday , June 2 2020

India blocks Cell Phone services in occupied Kashmir citing unrest


SRINAGAR: Text messaging services were jammed in Indian-occupied Kashmir just hours after being repaired when a truck driver was killed by supposed militants and his vehicle set burning, authorities said on Tuesday.

Security sources said the judgment to cut text facilities was taken to decrease the facility of militants to communicate.

Indian authorities had only refurbished call and text services for mobile phones on Monday, following a 72-day clampdown in the twitchy northern territory executed after New Delhi argued the region´s semi-autonomous status.

The seven million-plus people of the occupied Kashmir Valley, the main source of the fight to Indian rule, are still cut off from the internet, though.

Residents said two covered gunmen told the driver to move his vehicle because it was blocking the road, but it slithered and got stuck.

“The gunmen then fired at the truck and set it on fire,” a witness told AFP.

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