Thursday , February 20 2020

India has become Rape Capital of the World: Congress president Rahul Gandhi

 Rahul Gandhi

According to an Indian News Agency Asian News International (ANI), on Tuesday Congress president Rahul Gandhi alleged the central government of India and accused Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of damaging the country’s image.

Addressing a public meeting in Jaipur (India), Congress president Rahul Gandhi said that due to Modi polices India has become the “rape capital” of the world.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the Narendra Modi government of tarnishing India’s image and filling it with hatred and divisiveness, he urged the youth of India not to let their voice be suppressed.

The Congress president blamed that due to the BJP-led government policies, foreign investors stop investing in India.

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He pointed out that the economic growth of India has dropped since the fascist Government of Modi came into power.

Talking about the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Gandhi makes a promise to hold similar rallies across the country in a bid to reconnect with the masses and corner the Centre on the nationwide protests over the new citizenship law.

It should be noted that after the Jaipur rally, Rahul Gandhi will lead an anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) rally at Kalpetta (Wayanad) in Kerala on January 30.

Earlier, a report published in the British journal ‘The Economist‘, criticized the controversial citizenship law against Indian Muslims, saying that the Modi government’s actions had made India fascist Hindu state from a secular one.

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According to a survey conducted by ‘The Spectator Index’, India is the first in the Asian countries as the most dangerous countries to live in.

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