Saturday , April 4 2020

India hatching conspiracy to commit another act of aggression against Pakistan: FM

India hatching conspiracy to commit another act

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi says Pakistan has reliable intelligence that India is hatching a new conspiracy to commit another act of aggression against it.

Addressing a news conference in Multan on Sunday, he said the action could take place from 16th to 20th of this month.

The Foreign Minister said in order to justify its military action against Pakistan and to increase diplomatic pressure against it, a new drama can be created in Occupied Kashmir on the pattern of Pulwama.

He said keeping in view these facts, the Foreign Office immediately decided to hold a meeting of P5 ambassadors.

Foreign Secretary invited the ambassadors of permanent members of UN Security Council and apprised them of Pakistan’s apprehensions on developments taking place in the neighboring country.

The Foreign Secretary impressed upon them that international community should take notice of this dangerous development and stop India

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