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India is not serious in finding solution to Kashmir dispute: Maleeha Lodhi


NEW YORK (Web Desk) – Pakistani Representative to the United Nation Dr. Maleeha Lodhi said on Saturday morning that Indian Government is not serious in finding a solution to the Kashmir dispute.

It is mandatory upon the UN to persuade the Indian for peaceful settlement of the long-standing Kashmir dispute, Dr. Maleeha Lodhi said.

The Pakistani Representative said to the UN that Indian Government haughtiness is deteriorating situation in the Kashmir that can be a threat to regional and international peace and security.

Dr. Maleeha Lodhi also said Pakistan is highlighting Kashmir issue at all forums to seek international community attention and the letter of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to Prime Minister Of pakistan mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on the issue is an evidence of the government’s efforts.

Pakistani Representative Maleeha Lodhi  said the Prime Minister of pakistans letter has been properly responded and circulated among the United Nations Security Council members.

UN chief condemns Indian Kashmir killings:

ban-ki-moon-20 aug
United Nation Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon deplored the ongoing killings in Kashmir

In response to prime minister of pakistan Nawaz‘s letter on Friday, United Nation Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon deplored the ongoing killings in Kashmir as Indian security forces there try to stamp out weeks of  protests against Indian Government by Kashmiri peoples, and urged Indian and Pakistani government to settle Kashmir and other issues through dialogue.

According to source United Nation Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also said “I stand ready to offer my personal good offices, should it be requested by both countries, to facilitate dialogue in order to achieve a negotiated settlement,” Ban Ki-moon wrote in a letter which is he sent in response to a letter from Prime Minister of pakistan Nawaz Sharif apprising the United Nation chief about the degenerate situation in Kashmir and the large scale violations of human rights being committed by Indian security forces.

According to source At least 70 Kashmiri civilians peoples have been killed and thousands and many more peoples are injured in Indian held Kashmir in clashes with Indian security forces after the killing of a Famous Kashmiri youth leader, Burhan Wani, in a military operation on July 8 morning.

In his letter on August 5,2016, Prime Minister of pakistan Nawaz Sharif had called for efforts to end the persistent and egregious violation of the basic human rights of the Kashmiri civilians and also to implement the decades-old United Nation Security Council resolutions providing a framework for the settlement of Kashmir dispute through a plebiscite.


The secretary-general said that he looked forward to meeting the Pakistani leader again during the upcoming seventy-first session of the UN General Assembly to “discuss matters of common interest.”

Pakistan has been actively pursuing the Kashmir public issue at various forums at the United Nations, with pakistani Ambassador Dr Maleeha Lodhi focusing on it in her statement at the General Assembly in a debate on human rights.

pakistani Ambassador Dr Maleeha Lodhi also raised the issue during meetings with the United Nation leadership as well as with the President of the Security Council last month.

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