Thursday , June 4 2020

India likely to receive a cyclone

New Delhi : Tonnes of rescue officials are set on standby an evacuation from Southern India was done extensively on Thursday as Meteorological department predicted cyclone near Gaja

On the coastline of Tamil Nadu te fishing was stopped and all the schools are closed down. The Storm indication was estimated through wind speed that recorded to be around 80-90 km/h and it can possibly go beyond 100kph.

A local Indian newspaper revealed that around 90,000 people have already been evacuated from the district Nagapattinam and rescuers are appointed on duty.

The disaster management department has formed 15 teams that are sent to Tamil Nadu and its neighbouring states that are also prone to cyclone.

The authority also warned people through a tweet said that storm will likely to over run inundated low lying areas of the state.

Naval ships are also set on standby that have rescuers, boast and helicopters.

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