Thursday , April 2 2020

‘India, other members of permanent UNSC seats obstacle in reforms of UN body’

New York: Pakistan has lashed a bid of India and other members of permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), to slow down the ongoing process of bringing reforms to the UN body.

Ambassador and permanent representative of Pakistan to UN, Maleeha Lodhi, called on India, Brazil, Germany and Japan to instead “review their own position” which is effecting the process of restructuring of the Security Council.

“We believe that the quest by some to gain permanent seats for themselves remains the primary stumbling block” during discussions in the Inter-governmental Negotiations (IGN) aimed at making the Security Council more fruitful and beneficial.

She reacted to the behaviour of four countries-that are also the permanent members- and they have halted the progress of UNSC.

“Those calling for a review of the IGN process, should instead review their own positions,” Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi said.

IGN process was held and it failed to produce results that attempted to make progress.

“We should not risk undermining the painstaking progress made within the IGN, just to advance the narrow interests of a few members states,” she added.

Negotiations to reform the Security Council started in the General Assembly in February 2009 on five areas – the categories of membership, the question of veto, regional representation, size of an enlarged Security Council, and working methods of the council relationships.

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