Wednesday , May 27 2020

India Plans to Invest $130 Billion in Military Modernization


India is about to invest $130 Billion in military modernization in the next 5 years. This secret was revealed by a recent published official document of the Indian Government.

That official document says that the Indian Government is thinking of pace up military modernization as the Indian military is lagging behind in modern warfare techniques.

Indian Indigenous defense industry has failed to manage the modern defense equipment, thereupon, India will have to see the foreign help to modernize its military.

Moreover, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi intends to appoint the chief of defense staff to overcome the communication gap between the Air Force and the Indian Army.

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This step of the Indian Army seems to be dangerous for regional stability. The balance of power in the region will be deteriorated by modernizing the military. Moreover, investing such a huge amount on the Military reveals the next plans of India in the region.

It was better for India to spend her resources for the alleviation of prevailing poverty. Additionally, it brings stability to the region as well.

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