Tuesday , June 2 2020

India top the list of the worst air polluted cities in the world with 21 cities on the list: Survey


According to a recent report by a Switzerland and the US Institution IQ Air, which report on air pollution every year, 21 of the world’s 30 cities with the worst air pollution are in India.

The aforementioned organization compiles reports every year based on government data, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the agencies that work on environmental improvement.

According to IQ Air’s 2019 Report, though India is not declared the worst country in terms of air pollution, its cities are at the top with the worst air pollution.

According to a recent IQ Air report, China has taken significant steps to reduce air pollution, which has improved air pollution in China.

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According to list, Bangladesh is the worst country in terms of air pollution, while Pakistan is the second most polluted country, with Mongolia third in the list, followed by Afghanistan at fourth and India at fifth.
In terms of air pollution, the Indian capital New Delhi is number one in the world’s worst capitals, but in terms of the 50 largest air polluted cities, Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka is at number one.

The worst city in the world in terms of air pollution is Dhaka, second to Cambodia, third is Chinese city Hangu, Mumbai is in fourth place, Wuhan is in fifth place, Lahore is in ninth place and Indian cities New Delhi is on 10th place.

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