Wednesday , May 27 2020

Indian govt sending coronavirus infected patients to Kashmir


The Indian government became blind in the oppression of Kashmiris by sending infected patients of coronavirus disease COVID-19 to Kashmir.

The whole world is gripped with fear and uncertainty due to Coronavirus disease COVID-19.

Even in this pandemic situation, Modi Sarkar didn’t shy away from its rhetoric habits and crossed all boundaries in oppressing of Kashmiris by sending patients of coronavirus to Kashmir.

Where the world is busy in dealing with the deadly disease, Indian bastard habits are continued.

India has recorded 933 confirmed cases of coronavirus with almost 20 deaths so far. But the Indian government is not taking it seriously. Narendra Modi focus is not on controlling coronavirus because his full focus is on tyranny on Kashmiris.

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29,907 people have died worldwide due to this deadly disease COVID-19 and 641,706 are confirmed cases in over 195 countries. While 139,540 patients have been recovered.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and health experts, only by adopting and social distancing and washing hands frequently, the world can fight the deadly virus.

The curfew imposed in occupied Kashmir on August 5, 2019, by the Indian government has hit 8 months, with the security and communication clampdown.

Kashmiris are imprisoned in homes from the last 8 months and there is a severe danger of spreading coronavirus but the Indian government is not taking it seriously and sending patients of this deadly disease from allover of India to Kashmir.

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Due to the closing of shops, the food crisis has become critical. There is total communication blackout in the occupied valley of Kashmir. India has banned the use of the Internet and mobile phones in the valley. To avoid exposing its malicious face to the world, India has also banned the media services in Kashmir.

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