Monday , June 1 2020

Indian Poor man carries dead wife’s body for 12km

Indian needy  man carries dead body of his wife on his shoulder for 7 miles when a hospital management would not pay for her to be taken home

Shocking Video footage has emerged showing an impoverished man carrying the body on his shoulder of his dead wife along a road after the hospital she died in allegedly failed to provide an ambulance.

Indian an Dana Majhi was filmed with his wife over his shoulders covered with sheets and his heartbroken younger daughter by his side as he headed towards his home nearly 50 miles from the hospital in India Bhawanipatna town.

By the time an Indian government ambulance arrived, courtesy of local youths who alerted officials, Mr Dana Majhi had walked over seven miles towards his home in Bhawanipatna town Melghar village.

Scroll down for video ..

man carrying wife dead body

 man carrying wife dead body

man carrying wife dead body

According to Indian media Dana Majhi’s wife Amang, 42, died from tuberculosis in the local district hospital in Bhawanipatna town in Orissa state India.

Mr Dana Majhi said his village was 60km (37 miles) away and he couldn’t afford to hire a vehicle.

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