Wednesday , May 27 2020

Indian people make self-isolation in trees to protect themselves


The Coronavirus has spread panic among people and everyone is experimenting with unique techniques to prevent this deadly virus.

There are strange events happening around the world to prevent Corona, someone is wearing a giraffe costume to avoid the virus, while someone is wearing cardboard for social distance.

Another unique incident occurred in India, where 7 people isolate themselves in trees to prevent the virus.

All of them chose the trees to isolate themselves because their small village did not have separate rooms for self-isolation.

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According to Indian media, all seven of them tied their beds with branches on the tree while they used mosquito net to avoid mosquitoes.

Although all these individuals showed no symptoms of the coronavirus, they decided to keep themselves in quarantine with caution.

It should be noted that 45 deaths have been reported from Coronavirus in India while the number of people infected with the virus is 1590.

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