Saturday , January 25 2020

Indians join Pakistanis in urging Gates Foundation not to honor Modi

Bill Gates and Modi

Indians and Pakistani human rights campaigners have come together to wish the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation not to honor Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a reward in light of the disturbing human rights situation in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK). 

According to reports, two protruding lawyers and activists of Indian source have strongly advised the Gates Foundation not to honor Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a reward for his hygiene and toilet access scheme across India.

The two lawyers quote the oppressive actions of Narendra Modi in occupied Kashmir, where thousands have been imprisoned and tortured in custody as a military curfew in the valley bounces well into a second month, as the reason behind their call.

“While public health is certainly important in India and around the world, such an honor would come as his Hindu nationalist party has encouraged violence against sections,” the two lawyers said in an article published in The Washington Post on Saturday.

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Suchitra Vijayan is a lawyer and administrative director of the Polis Project, and Arjun Singh Sethi is a human rights lawyer and assistant professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center.

Indian PM has quieted opposition and shortened freedom of expression,” the two lawyers wrote in the American publication. Indian news website The Scroll reports that a group of South Asians has come back these calls.

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“Under Modi’s leadership, spiritual minorities are facing sharp levels of violence, prohibiting, and discernment,” the group have said in an open letter to the Gates Foundation.

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