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India’s False Flag Operation Failed

Fall Flag Operation

Srinagar: (Web Desk) India has made a goat of its own police officer on the failure of the False Flag operation. DSP Devendra Singh has been arrested in Srinagar along with fellow terrorists.

Indian Intelligence planned a false flag operation, but the local bodies were unaware. Meanwhile, DSP Davendra Singh, the main character of the False Flag operation, was arrested along with fellow terrorists.
Indian media claimed that Indian police’s DSP Davender Singh was arrested in a blue hand while providing support to the terrorists. The same DSP Ravinder Singh was awarded the presidential gold medal on August 15, 2019.

According to Indian media, DSP Devinder Singh was posted at Srinagar Airport. The police officer was found with two alleged terrorists and arrested along the way from Wanpoh, Kulgam to Delhi.

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The alleged terrorist is involved in the killing of 11 people, including laborers, truck drivers, in Kashmir. The massacre was carried out in November and December 2019 in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir to evacuate non-Kashmiris.

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According to Indian media, raids were carried out in Srinagar and South Kashmir when the Indian government and terrorist nexus came to the fore. The AK-47 and two pistols were recovered from the house in Srinagar, DSP Ravinder, on the alleged terrorist’s disclosure.

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