Wednesday , January 29 2020

Indonesia decides to use cloud seeding technology to break down rainfall after 30 deaths


Jakarta: Continuing rains in Indonesia have broken the 20-year record in which more than 30 people have died so far, the government has decided to use ‘cloud seeding technology’ to reduce the rainfall.

Meteorological Department spokesman claims that water-filled clouds are moving towards Jakarta. With cloud seeding technology, the salt will be sprayed in the clouds, reducing the process of converting vapour to water, and rainfall will occur at different times instead of one.

The spokesperson added that if this technology is not used, the rainfall will continue till January 7, which is expected to cause catastrophic destruction and the demolition of large dams will result in the loss of thousands of houses.

The Indonesian capital, Jakarta, has been hit hard by severe weather rains. Hundreds of houses have been destroyed leaving thousands displaced.

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About 169 areas in Jakarta have been affected due to monsoon rains, which has displaced 62,000 people. 

With the sudden flood, many citizens rescued their children and valuables with the help of rubber boats. In some areas, floodwaters were up to two and a half meters high. Due to this, the authorities had to stop the transmission of electricity to many areas and the transport system in the city was paralyzed.

Experts said that more rains are expected across Indonesia, including Jakarta, which means severe flooding may occur again.

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