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Information Ministry bars military, government officials to use WhatsApp!!!

The Ministry of Information Technology has issued a special advisory stating that no sensitive information should be shared through the WhatsApp and other applications. The advisory was issued in Pakistan on an alleged Israeli company NSO stolen sensitive information via Facebook and WhatsApp.

According to the Ministry of Information Technology, Israel’s cyber intelligence company NSO has developed a special technology for accessing sensitive information.

On October 29, WhatsApp, Facebook filed a lawsuit against a company in San Francisco court for violating US laws and the WhatsApp’s Terms of Service.

The company has released a malware called Pegasus that can be used for espionage.

The Ministry of Information Technology said that the malware was spread from April 28 to May 10, hitting 20 countries, including Pakistan.

The mobile phones of 1,400 senior military and government officials in those countries were affected by malware.

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This malware is capable of affecting all kinds of phone calls of iOS and Android, and can also be affected by missed calls on the WhatsApp.

The Ministry of Information Technology said that all officers and officials who are related to National Security are being directed to not carry out or share any sensitive information on the WhatsApp or any such application in the wake of the threat of this malware.


The Advisory states that the WhatsApp should be upgraded to its latest version and all mobile phones purchased before May 10, 2019, should be replaced.

The letter issued by the Secretary Information Technology Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui has been sent to all the secretaries.

It is said that Pakistan has issued advisory very late in this regard. Earlier, there were similar reports from India,

which indicated that in India121 mobile phones affected, including top officials.

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