Wednesday , May 27 2020

Intimidation of Indian Defense Minister to Pakistan


India is not ready to pull her back from her policy of “a honey tongue and a heart of gall.” By following the same policy, the Defense Minister of India threatens Pakistan in a very sweet language. While he was addressing in the rally, he suggested to Pakistan that Pakistan focus on eliminating terrorism from her soil with sincerity, otherwise, serious repercussions can be faced by Pakistan.

The threat never ends here, Rajnath Singh challenges the sovereignty of Pakistan. He further elaborated that Pakistan will be divided apart if Pakistan does not act vigilantly against terrorism.

By nullifying the Imran Khan’s Speech at UNGA, the Defense Minister also made it clear that no one could pressurize us on the matter of Kashmir.

By giving such rubbish suggestions, it is really hard to maintain peace in the region. Indian Leaders should quit the policy of making fools the people to get popularized. They ought to show a big heart toward the pragmatic steps of peace, taken by Pakistan. Otherwise, instability in the region can bring instability in the world.

Moreover, it would be good to leave the policy of a honey tongue and a heart gall. By following this policy, Indian leaders can make their own people fool, however, the world knows the reality of Kashmir.

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