Tuesday , June 2 2020

Iqra Aziz reveals ‘camera is my first love’

Iqra Aziz

Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz has revealed that the camera is her first love and she is doing photography in the self-isolation period during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Suno Chanda actress took to Instagram and shared a photo where she could be seen holding a camera.

Iqra wrote, “Day 14 of staying safe: Camera is my first love… since I can’t perform in front of the camera nowadays, I’m focusing on how to be behind the camera for a change! Yes, I’m doing photography…”

She added, “Seeing the world through another lens has given me a new perspective of life. So girls don’t stop, just keep working on your passion!”

Iqra Aziz and husband Yasir Hussain are in self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic and have been treating their fans with adorable photos and videos.

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