Friday , January 24 2020

Iran admits it shot down Ukrainian plane


TEHRAN: A major and regrettable confession has finally come to light after Iran’s continued denial, that the unfortunate aircraft of Ukraine was shot down by the Iranian missile itself.

According to details, Iran has admitted to mistakenly targeting Ukrainian passenger aircraft, saying that the passenger plane of Ukraine was inadvertently targeted.

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According to a foreign news agency, Iran has declared the cause of the passenger plane crash as a human error, Iranian state TV this morning quoted a military source as saying that Iran targeted the plane as “unintentional”.


The accusation comes after Iranian officials denied the claims in which the Ukrainian plane was mistakenly targeted. Iranian officials also said the US was deliberately lying.

According to the news agency, 176 people were killed as a result of the plane crash.

Earlier, authorities in Canada, the US and the UK have accused Iran of destroying Ukraine’s aircraft, killing 176 people on board.

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It should be noted that the New York Times posted a video yesterday, showing a missile fired on a Ukrainian plane in Iran and claimed to have confirmed the video.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister said the plane had 82 Iranian, 63 Canadian, Swedish, 4 Afghan, 3 German and 3 British nationals, while 11 Ukrainian nationals, including 9 crew members and 2 passengers were aboard.

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