Wednesday , January 29 2020

Iran is responsible for the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad: Trump


WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has blamed Iran for the protests outside the US embassy in Baghdad and vandalizing the embassy.

US President Trump said in his tweet that the full responsibility for the incident lies in Tehran because the United States took action against an Iranian-backed group in Iraq and Iran has done this in response.

US President Trump in his tweet said, “Iran has killed 1 American contractor and injured several, we will respond strongly and always will, now Iran is involved in the Baghdad embassy attack and is responsible for it. ”

In his tweet, Trump also said that we expect Iraq to protect the embassy.

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Since Sunday morning, the United States has carried out airstrikes in Iraq and Syria in places where alleged Hezbollah bases were located. According to the US forces, they claim to kill 15 Iranian pro-fighters in airstrikes in western Iraq.

It should be noted that on Tuesday, enthusiastic protesters started outside the compound of the US Embassy in Baghdad, the crowd broke the main gate and the embassy’s reception was set on fire. The crowd chanted slogans against the United States, threw bottles of petrol bombs and broke cameras outside the embassy.

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