Friday , June 5 2020

Iran opposes Turkey’s possible military operation in Syria

iran and turkey

According to a statement issued by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Jawad Zarif said Iran opposes Turkish military operation in Syria; Turkey should respect Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The Iranian Foreign Minister also stressed the need for stability, security, and a war against terror. Jawad Zarif said that the best way to solve the problems between the two countries was the ‘Adana Agreement’. Turkey threatened Syria back in 1998,  if Syria did not stop supporting the Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan from his homeland, then Turkey would take military action.

Following the threat, an agreement was signed between former Turkish President Suleyman Demirel and former Syrian President Hafez al-Assad in the Turkish city of Adana, in which the two countries agreed to resolve the issues through negotiations.

According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Chavusoglu said the Turkish military operation in northern Syria would be temporary. It should be noted that Turkey wants to make the northern Syrian region safe and accommodate 2 million Syrian refugees there.

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The Syrian Kurdish militia (YPG), which has received US support, Turkey called it a terrorist group and a military wing of the Kurdish Worker Party of Abdullah Ocalan. In 2014, US President Barak Obama launched airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and formally participated in the Syrian Civil War, sending 50 of his troops in late 2015.

US troops continue to train Syrian Kurdish militias and fighters to fight against ISIS. Earlier this week after Turkey’s decision to launch an operation against the Kurdish militia in Syria, the US announced the withdrawal of its troops from the Turkish border region. According to foreign media, Turkey is likely to launch a military operation against the Kurds in Syria’s northern region at any time.

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