Wednesday , January 29 2020

Iran strikes back at the US bases in Iraq


Tehran: Iran attacks more than a dozen ballistic missiles at Iraqi transit bases.

According to foreign news agencies, Iran fires more than 12 missiles in two military bases in Iraq, but no casualties have been reported in the attacks so far. The US Department of Defense Pentagon also confirmed the attack on the US military base in Iraq, saying that Iran fired more than a dozen missiles at two military bases in Iraq.

Operation Soleimani

Iranian state TV reports that the guardian of Iranian revolution threatened the United States to retaliate against aggression, saying it was a response to the killing of General Qasem. The attack was named ‘Operation Soleimani’
If America tries to retaliate this attack, then we will reply with full force.

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Iranian media says that the backdoor revolution threatened to invade Israel, saying that the US invaders will also target other countries. White House statement says military base in Iraq was aware of the attack, President Trump has been warned of a rocket attack in Iraq and the United States is keenly watching the situation.

In this regard, US President Donald Trump said that all is well so far, we have the best and most powerful army in the world. The casualties of the Iranian missile attack on two military bases in Iraq are being evaluated and I will release a statement Wednesday morning.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said in his tweet that the appropriate response from Iran was completed. We don’t want any kind of war but will respond in our defence.

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