Tuesday , June 2 2020

Israeli violence against Palestinians has increased during COVID-19: UN

Israeli violence

The United Nations has revealed a 78% increase in Israeli extremism attacks against Palestinians over the past two weeks during the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to a UN report, between March 17 and 30, 5 Palestinians were injured in a raid by Israeli officials and settlers and damage to large-scale property.

According to the Jerusalem Post report, the UN said in its report that if you look at those two weeks of review after 2020, aggression has increased by 78% over that period.

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According to UN reports, in 2018 there were 341 attacks by Jewish settlers and extremists, indicating a clear reduction in incidents but the new report says that a review conducted two weeks from the beginning of this year has increased security forces’ attacks by 78%.

It should be noted that the Coronavirus continues to cause worldwide deaths and so far 61,000 people have died due to the virus.

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