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It was important for Prince William to know how much Princes Diana was loved in Pakistan. Imran Khan

Princes Diana and Imran khan

Princess of Wales – who visited a cancer hospital in Lahore as Imran Khan’s guest just three months before her death in 1997.

Speaking in an interview with CNN, PM  told the Duke of Cambridge that Diana’s death sent shock waves through even the most rural parts of the nation.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embarked on a five-day tour of Pakistan, following in late Diana’s footsteps.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

‘I met Prince William after 23 years. Last time I met him he was a boy, along with Prince Harry and they came with their mother to my ex-mother in law’s house.’ PM said in an interview on CNN.

‘I was telling Prince William that I was in the outbacks – my constituency, which is Mianwali-I, is really considered an outback and it’s really quite wild there.

I was touring my constituency when I heard of the accident and I can tell you that the impact it had on the people shocked me.

‘I mean, these were rural peasants. I wouldn’t have even thought they would have heard of Princess Di.

‘But when they heard of accident and her death. It was just… I was amazed at how Princess Diana had penetrated, even in these rural constituencies.
When anchor person ask how Prince William responded to this, he replied: ‘I think it was important for him to know how much she was loved in this country.’

Mr Prime Minister also share about his ambition to be Prime Minister, an aim he told the Prince about on their first meeting.

He said: ‘I’d just started my political party. It’s 23 years since I started my political movement and I assumed that it would be very easy, here’s my party and I would go out and people would vote for me! Little did I realise what I would go through to get here!

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