Monday , March 30 2020

It’s suicide for two nuclear-armed countries to engage in war: PM Khan

During an interview to TRT World’s The Newsmakers with Imran Garda, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that there is no way forward between India and Pakistan except peaceful and sensible dialogues. “You cannot take a chance when two countries have bombs,” he added.

“I reiterate that two nuclear-armed countries shouldn’t engage in war. It’s suicide,” he said. Prime Minister told that as soon he assumed office he tried to bring India on dialogues table but it was a stalemate. He said that it is mainly because India has upcoming polls in April and anti-Pakistan sentiments get you massive votes.

When questioned about the treatment of Uighur Muslims in China, the premier remarked that he will deal it differently. “I will not criticize them publicly,” he remarked. “China has been a breath of fresh air in the doom and gloom we inherited.” He said that they have helped Pakistan during difficult times and this matter as a whole is sensitive and will be dealt carefully.

While talking about US and terrorism he mentioned that we are still paying the price for a fight. “Pakistan is not going to fight someone else’s war now. Pakistan is going to become an ally for peace. We want a political settlement in Afghanistan,” he added.

On the response of one of the question that related to status quo he said that my government is trying to break it, but completely uprooting it will require time because it is instilled in society for 30 years now. “It was very difficult to remove the status quo, which has been embedded in the society for 30 years, through a political transition,” he added.

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