Friday , January 24 2020

Japan launches a wrist watch to check blood sugar without extracting blood


Diabetes patients need a drop of blood to test the amount of sugar which is obtained by hitting the needle on the finger and applying a special bandage to determine the amount of sugar.

Now with the help of modern technology, a great solution has been found to get rid of this traditional and painful way.

Many technology companies are working to find blood sugar levels in a way that can detect the amount of sugar without giving a blood sample.

Japanese company Kyocera is working on similar technology, while the company has admitted that it is not currently ready to measure blood sugar.


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But this new technology will quantify blood sugar using artificial intelligence, more work is still being done on this technology, introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show 2020.

This device is designed for people who are ‘pre-diabetic’ and do not want to know the amount of sugar in the blood by needle fingering.

This device is not made for people who are already diabetic because patients with diabetes need to know the amount of blood sugar regularly.

This device is designed for pre-diabetic people who are prone to diabetes.

The device is expected to be launched in the Japanese market this year, but it is currently in the testing phase.

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