Wednesday , May 27 2020

Javed Miandad Says Spot- Fixers Should be Executed

Javed Miandad says spot- fixers should be executed

Pakistan batting legend and former captain Javed Miandad says, “Spot- Fixers should be executed because it is like to killing someone.” 

Miandad took a strong stance against match-fixers on his YouTube channel by saying that there should be hanged for those who defame the country by negative activities.

“The players who are involved in match-fixing should be given severe penalties, these things are also against our religious teachings,” the former coach of Pakistani cricket team said.

Those who support the players involved in spot-fixing should be ashamed of themselves, it is not right for Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to forgive such players, the former captain said.

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Javed Miandad further said, “Even on humanitarian grounds, such activities are not acceptable, those who involved in spot-fixing and gambling are also dishonest with their parents and family.”

“Such people have no right to live, players make money by fixing and then come back in the team by using their sources after forgiveness,” he added.

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