Wednesday , January 29 2020

Justin Trudeau’s new beard is dividing the Internet

Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a frequent news hub because of his style and attractive personality, but this time his ‘beard’ is discussed on social media.

A photo taken by Justin Trudeau’s official photographer, Adam Scotty, has gone viral on social media, with the light beard Justin looks serious about, but Canadians also find him attractive and make a hashtag #trudeaubeard on twitter.

The 48-year-old Trudeau is seen by most people in a clean shave, which is why some have asked: ‘We need an answer to the beard.’ 

There have been some definitive talk about whether Justin Trudeau will now look the same or return to his old form.

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While social media users are applauding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s style, some interesting comments are also emerging.

Journalist Brian Platt wrote: ‘Trudeau is the first Prime Minister since Mackenzie Bowell (1994-96) to have a full beard.’

However, people jokingly asked: ‘Is this the full beard?’

One user wrote: ‘The world is crumbling and Canada is fighting over beard here.’

A user named Hamza Khan wrote: ‘Justin Trudeau looks like the middle-class prime minister here.’

A user named Sarah wrote: ‘Why does our PM look like university students on exam days? I need an answer. ‘

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