Monday , March 30 2020

Karachi man robbed after withdrawing Rs 300,000 from a bank

Be aware of the robbers when going to bank, do not get followed! 

Three men robbed a man in daylight in Karachi, they were following him when he was off to bank and reportedly withdrew Rs 300,000 from a local bank in garden area on Thursday.

The  robbers were equipped with a gun and the followed the trader down to the bank, CCTV footage showed the suspects, all dressed up in shalwar Kameez. They escaped soon after looting him.

CCTV footage of a robbery surfaced on social media in the last week at an internet cafe in North Karachi.

In the video two suspicious people were seen looting three people who were at the shop. Robbers escaped the scene after they successfully grabbed mobile phones, cash and car keys.


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