Tuesday , June 2 2020

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Obesity can increase the severity of COVID-19 in young people


It is clear that age and chronic diseases are factors contributing to the severity of the new naval coronavirus disease, COVID-19, but it has now been revealed that obesity can be a serious risk factor for young people. Researchers believe that obesity can lead to a significant increase in the …

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Do you know these secret tricks hidden in Google Search?

Secret Tricks

If you use the Internet, then you may be familiar with Google. Millions of people use this search engine daily, But they don’t know anything about the hidden tricks that Google provides for a fun experience. If you are aware of them, you can greatly impress your friends. In this …

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The Top 10 Sexiest Asian Woman of the Decade

mahira khan

In the world’s largest continent ‘Asia’, there is no shortage of beautiful and attractive looking women. However, a list produced by a British journal also included some Pakistani women among the 50 sexiest women in Asia. In which the name of superstar Mahira Khan was at the forefront. In the …

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Top 10 Sexiest Asian Men of 2019

Hritik Roshan Sexiest Asian Men

Britain’s weekly magazine ‘Eastern Eye’ has released a list of the most attractive women in Asia, as well as a list of most attractive men in Asia. This year’s list of attractive men of the year also came with the list of the sexiest Asian men of the decade. Among …

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The Best and Worst Celebrity Outerwear in 2019

Celebrity Outwear

In terms of fashion, Pakistani celebrity is side by side with western outwear. Women from the showbiz industry have undergone many experiences this year to change their style and look more impressive. However, some were successful in doing so, but others failed miserably. Here’s a list of the best and …

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The most captivating comedy and controversial videos of 2019

comedy and controversial videos

Comedy and controversial videos of the year 2019 is about to end, but the things we’ve seen on the internet would last for eternity. When it comes to desi entertainment, we Pakistani’s are on top. Throwback to some of the most popular videos on Pakistan, that has stormed the internet …

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Top 5 Pakistani Couples Wedding 2019

Pakistani Couples Wedding

The year 2019 is the blessed year for Pakistani celebrities and numerous found their soul mates, Pakistani Couples Wedding. Seeing the wedding pictures of Pakistani celebrities is always been great fun for the fans of celebrities. With wedding pictures, if you get all the information about your favorite celebrity, I …

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Top 07 Harassment Cases in Pakistan: Metoo Campaign

Harrasment Cases Pakistan

Different feminist movements started from the Western countries and breathed their last there. No doubt, these feminist movements gave numerous rights to the western women, however, those movements couldn’t get viral in the eastern countries. On the flip side, with technological advancement, various feminist movements managed to grab the attention …

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Top 05 Pakistani Dramas in 2019

Best pakistanI Dramas

Pakistani Drama industry is burning its midnight oil to entertain the people. That’s why Pakistani Dramas are being seen all around the globe. It admits of no doubt that talent knows no borders, thereby, Pakistani Dramas are equally popular in neighbor countries. The excellent acting skills, creative script writing, and …

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Top Searches in Pakistan 2014-2019

Google Most Searched

Every year Google releases a list of top searches and queries. Here. We are compiling data from 2014 to 2019 of Google search queries in Pakistan.  The following list shows the interests of Pakistanis on Google. Generally, Google releases its searches data into 3 categories; Persons, News, and Events. It …

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Top 10 Important events in Pakistan 2019

Top 10 Imortent Events

Unlike the year 2018, Pakistanis had never seen the furious tweet of Donald Trump but the year 2019 started with the tweet, packed with dreamy promises of our Prime Minister. The year 2019 has been adorned with diplomatic achievements and blotted with dark examples of governance. Apart from political upheavals, …

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Why Drama Serial “Mery Pass Tum ho” be controversial?

mere pass tum ho

After seeing the ratings of Drama Serial “Mery Pass Tum ho”, it is not hard to analyze that all the upcoming awards are going to be dropped in the Lap of this drama. The response of Pakistani viewers is shocking towards this drama. On different social media platforms, everyone seems …

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