Thursday , April 2 2020

KP murder suspect arrested after escaping police custody four times

The police in Dera Ismail Khan have been roaming for months in search of a murder suspect and they finally caught the suspect.

The suspect Imran is arrested for the fifth time while he attempted to steal a car in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Dera Ismail Khan on Wednesday. He has been escaping for the last four times and finally he is in police custody again

Last time Imran was arrested on November 8 and during his court hearing the same day he escaped.

Police informed that this time he was caught while stealing a car from a citizen on gunpoint near Fawara Chowk Wednesday morning.

Police chased after him, blocked all the roads so he could be arrested. However, Imran unexpectedly opened fire at the police officers. Police responded aggressively and shot back and as a result Imran’s friends who was seated with him on the car got injured.

Both of them are taken into the custody, the second man was identified as Mohammad Ali, son of Amanullah.

Few months back, Imran’s wife left his house and went to her parent’s place after the couple had a fight. Imran went after her and bitter arguments were exchange and as a result he aggressively opened fire and his son-in-law was killed and he was charged for his murder.

Police arrested him and he was found injured and shifted to hospital from where he escaped.


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