Sunday , May 31 2020

KPK has been shaken by another Earth Quake: Pakistan


Monday: To tackle the natural disaster is always been a deadly challenge to humanity. It is the 2nd time Pakistan has been facing the earthquake in KPK. Fortunately, no casualty has been recorded so far. According to Provincial Disaster Management (PMDA) of KPK, the most affected areas are Peshawar, Malakand, Mardan, Charsadda, Attock and Hazara division.

Moreover, NSMC reported that the epicenter of the quake was the Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan.

A brief History of recent Earthquake

In the last 20 days, Pakistan had faced a severe jolt of an earth quake that brought a lot of casualties as well as economic losses. As per reports, almost 38 people died and more than 500 got injured in that natural disaster.

What should we do?

It is a golden opportunity for PM, Imran Khan, to crystalline his agenda about institutional reforms. Natural Disaster Management Authority is lagging behind to overcome the severity of different natural disasters. By making the NDMA efficient, the bleakness of these natural disasters can be broken down.

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